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KeyPlex Citrus HG 32 oz. Citrus Tree Nutritional
KeyPlex HG 32 oz. Plant Micronutrients - Nutritional Supplement
Applications of KeyPlex Citrus HG on a routine basis may reduce tree stress, and increase growth and vigor, so the tree can produce healthy fruit that tastes great! 32 oz. KeyPlex Micronutrient. A unique combination of state-of-the-art ingredients used by professional growers as a supplement to their N-P-K fertilizer program.



KeyPlex H|G


Essential plant micronutrients for your garden

Your environmentally friendly, kid and pet safe plant nutrition supplement.

KeyPlex HG is a superior micronutrient fertilizer brought to you by a world leader in agricultural research development, and plant nutrition. Over the past 28 years, professional growers have depended on KeyPlex products to maximize their crop yields. They swear by it, and we think you will too.

KeyPlex HG (Home & Garden) is a formulation of chelated micronutrients commonly deficient in any growing condition. Years of cutting edge scientific research combined with premium materials has produced a multi-purpose no-fail foliar micronutrient supplement.

Applications of KeyPlex HG on a routine basis may:

  • Help your plants develop resistance to stress and shock
  • Increase plant yield and health
  • Correct yellowing plants
  • Promote plant growth
  • Create bright bold color

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In Our Customers Own Words

I purchased your Plant Nutrition, and I have to tell you that I just love it. It is the best fertizler/nutrition product I have ever used.  I am very grateful that I stumbled onto your site, I am very happy for what it has done for my plants.  It would be nice if you had something that works as well for bug control.  I will be back to purchase more as soon as I start to run out.  Thank you for a wonderful product...

Karen from Knoxille TN.